Paying by personal cheque?

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I bought a coin sorter for my Husband for Fathers day off our new born baby.The seller only accepted personal cheques so I sent off my cheque & eagerly awaited my delivery & waited & waited & waited.I contacted the seller who came up with loads of excuses & promised delivery several times.I even told her (x-missbeautiful-x) that I would be reporting it as a dispute & again she promised delivery.After a month I still had not received my goods (fathers day was long gone) & loads of broken promises,she even claimed i had not sent the money even though the cheque had been cashed! I escalated the dispute but because the goods came to less than £15 I could not claim any money back.So be warned if you use this seller you may not get your goods.I know people have had problems with paypal & i'm not sure if they would refund such a small amount but it may be better buying via them than a personal cheque.You may find this message totally useless but at least I've got it off my chest.My 3 other children had presents to give but because I waited to see if my parcel would arrive in time for fathers day I didn't have time to go to shops to buy another present for my husband for his first fathers day off his new born son & as i'm on maternity leave & money is tight my hubby went without a pressie off him. Thanks x-missbeautiful-x you're a top ebay seller !!!

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