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Want to know the best effective ways of dealing with payments and recieving them on ebay? Then look no further! My guide is there for you if you've just started out, forgotton or just want a read! (trust me i wish i had found this when i had first joined :p)

So lets get started..

Probably the number one rule i have found when purchasing off ebay is to send your payment straightaway! It shows the seller that you are confident and genuinely interested in what they have to offer (plus it saves you from forgetting!!).

Over the time i have brought and sold here i have never missed a payment and it really does (excuse the pun) pay off! Your item gets processed quicker when the seller is provided with the nessercery moneys to send it and then it means you too, like i expect hundreds of others do, every morning bombard the postman when he visits with a "anything for me??!!"

It's great for your feedback too!

Secondly, I have found the best form of payment is paypal. It is soooo much more easier when there is a "middle man" and no details are exchanged, money does not "get lost" in the post and it is prompt.

And lastly always keep proof of purchase in your email. Obviously printing off the reciept for your records is brillant but also storing it in your inbox is vital especially when you might get accused of not paying or payment being mis-directed-trust me it covers your arse!! lol

When you are the seller it is probably best to check into your ebay at least once a day. Keeping tabs on the people who are bidding on your items is handy. Checking out their feedback score and what they sell as well is good research. When they send you their address it's probably worth typing it into streetmap to check if its legit.

Also be truthful when it comes to postage costs! No-one likes to pay first class and then find the item has arrived in second!

And always always make sure the item you are sending is wrapping carefully. Of course when you first start out you'll need to buy bubble-wrap and all sorts but once you've got the ball rolling you can reuse the envelopes and wrapping again and again.

Sometimes your listing may not sell and it can be dis-heartening but if you do your research and see if your item is being sold by someone else or for cheaper it gives you good insight to then re-list your item like theirs and nab their buyers!!

Oh! and be sensible when you list your item, think into the future a little. When will my auction come to an end? I always try to time it for like a wednesday or thursday evening that way it's after work and mid-week so people are more likely to be browsing the net (well its worked so far!).

And finally, remember to have fun! Hundreds of thousands of people come on here every day and crazilly enough there is always a buyer out there.

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