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I would caution all those who pay by Paypal as the protection offered thereby is limited, I lost a large amount of monies and despite writing to Paypal asking for compensation they did not even have the decency to reply and that was after sending them all the required details not only by e-mail but by the postal service as well.

They  just totally ignored my requests and as a result I lost out, Beware at all times your best protection is your credit card company as they will investigate all payments made via them if an item fails to appear after you have paid and thay at least do not threaten you with around £15.00 to be removed from your compensation should you get any, but beware Paypal will take you to task if you go direct to the Credit card company instead of using them.

I was threatened with loss of the right to use Paypal if I sort reimbursement from the Credit card company again? is this fair or even right I would ask  





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