Paypal Customer Service - Rubbish

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Paypal customer service is a joke. I warn everyone to take care when using and dealing with Paypal.

Two instances. In the first I bought tickets about 3 months before the event. The person I purchased from closed his ebay account and never sent the tickets. Even though I had paid with Paypal they refused to even investigate because more than 45 days had passed, despite having confirmed details about the fraudster. Paypal are NOT INTERESTED in their customer's welfare!

In the second I included an important NOTE as part of a payment for a purchase. For some reason Paypal provide a NOTES field but don't pass this over to the seller. I have been trying to explain this problem to Paypal's support staff. So far 3 different people have responded to my emails, and each one of them has failed to read my explanations or provide any useful information. I suspect that there aren't real people working at Paypal. A system just automatically generates email responses to customer complaints and puts some person's name at the end.

Suffice to say I won't be using their rubbish service any longer.

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