Paypal Fraud

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Have you ever had an e-mail sent to you from eBay saying "Congratulation you have just won an item ....."

Well being a member on eBay I get them fairly often from time to time, only this time I was totally shocked and horrified to find a message from eBay that said "Congratulations you have just won item 50x GPS Laptop PDAs" costing near US$31,000.00".

I immediately contacted PayPal and told them about this - at the same time cancelling my credit card details and informing the fraud dept. The bank was very helpfull in setting up a trace to the eBay buyer and all the related links and information, PayPal on the other hand couldn't care less. They just advised me they couldn't do much to stop the transaction apart from advising me to change my credit card details in my account... 'yeah, otherwise state the bleeding obvious!'

So, in order for me to change my PayPal account details due to fraudulant activity I had to cancel my c/card details and set up my new details. In doing so PayPal said they would set up a verification code which meant I had to await an automated e-mail from PayPal. When I got it, and clicked on a link, it then asked me to type in all my personal bank details so as to await another automated e-mail to confrim my account details.....Yeah Right! I have just had my credit card details cloned by them and now they want me to submit all my bank account details aswell? Are they mad!

After yet another phonecall and advising them of this (and what does submitting my bank details do?) They couldn't give me a suitable answer, only by saying it's to verify who I am..... yes, I think I know who I am thank you!

After about 8 phonecalls to PayPal, and a heavy phonebill, they still couldn't do a thing to trace the fraudulant transaction even though my bank could. I had the transaction code, the address of the buyer and even the link as to where the payment was being banked - but PayPal just didn't have any interest. Eventually it was my banks fraud dept who got the transaction stopped and the individual investigated.

So after all this, I just cancelled my existing PayPal account started up a new account with PayPal with my new credit card and new password.... and yes... wait for it.... for the same thing to happen with PayPal just a year and a half later for a transaction of $2,500.00.

PayPal - Secure site..... you decide?



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