Paypal NOT protecting the buyer!

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Having read other guides which claim that Paypal protect the buyer more, I have to disagree. A little while ago now I paid for my goods via Paypal to a verfied seller with 100% positive feedback. Needless to say I never receied my goods and when I checked a couple of sayd later, I found out that they were no longer an eBay member. I wrote to Paypal, sure that they would give me some assistance as they protect the buyer which they so readily profess. I received my reply which said that they could do nothing as the money had been moved out of the sellers account and they would not be able to get it back. They told me that the mater was now closed and would not be re-opened. They then chose to give me advice on how to avoid this happening next time. Their advice (if you can call it that), was to check that the seller had 100% positive feedback...which I had already done. So after losing my money to a thief and having no joy with Paypal, I thought I would just pass this along. Tread carefully, after all it's your money.

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