Paypal Refund Awareness

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I'm writing this to inform people about refunds from paypal.

At the beginning of this year my partner bought a phone from a seller on ebay. The phone arrived but was damaged in the post. We emailed the seller who said that if we were to send the phone back he would inspect it and either replace it or give us a full refund. So we sent the phone back and waited. After about a week we hadn't heard anything so decided to email the sller again. He said he had received the phone and would post a new one out within a few days. Again we waited but no phone. We emailed again and he said he had been busy but would post in a few days. Still nothing. We waited and sent email after email to the seller but got no reply and no phone. After some time we decided that the phone was not going to come so opened an item not received dispute with ebay and paypal. Again the seller did not respond so we asked for a refund. What we didn't know is that after all the times the seller said he would post in a few days but never did our time had run out with paypal to ask for a refund as they only allow something like 45 days after the auction end to give a refund. We had applied for a refund outside of the 45 days. We emailed paypal and they said they would look into it. Eventually we received an email from paypal saying that we were not entitled to a refund because of 2 reasons. Firstly we had received the phone in the first place within the stated time and secondly we were clearly outside of the 45 day limit. Paypal basically said that it was our fault for sending the phone back in the first place.

To this day (about 7 months or more after this happened) we have still never received the phone or a refund, and have not heard from the seller at all. We paid £152 approx to this seller for the phone and still have not got it back. So be warned if a seller asks you to send an item back make sure you know what you are dealing with and make sure he/she is reputable and also that you are within the 45 day limit on paypal or like us you may never see your item or money again.

I hope this helps some people as we were seriously conned and cannot do anything about it!! Oh and just incase you were thinking about a new phone the seller we dealt with was called phonelockup so beware.

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