Paypal Refund Scam

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This Scam i belive is nothing new, you sell to a verified buyer with an unverified address and within a few hours Paypal sends you an email to say you have received payment.

Keen to impress your buyer and to maintain a good DSR you quickly dispatch the said item and email the buyer to let him know that his/your prescious goods are on the way and give him the tracking number so he can verify for himself. then without warning the payment is reversed by the purchaser for whatever reason leaving you having dispatched the item to an unverified address and without any chance of compensation from Paypal

To compound matters in my instance I contacted the local Post Office Depot who confirmed they had the parcel in there hands but that its illigal for them to let me have it without say so from the police! They would not return it to me even though I could prove i sent it and knew what was inside etc frustrating or what! They had to, by law, send it to the Scammer and to add insult to injury Ebay still will not let me post a negative!!

The moral of the story is Never send an item to an unverified address even when you have the money in your Paypal account as Paypal can take your money and give it back to the Scammer once he has confirmation the item is on its way!

Its amazing how many unverified addresses there are out there one suggestion would be to not accept Paypal payments for unverified addresses that way the scammer will give up and secondly always report theft to the police they may make you feel uncomfortable for reporting a small amount £21 as in my case, but as we pay there wages we shouldnt feel bad and if Paypal lose a lot of custom maybe they would offer sellers compensation if a payment is returned after postage!!

Good Luck

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