Paypal Sellers LIMITED Protection

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 I have discovered in the last few days some apparant discrepancies in how ebay and Paypal work. I

f you do not recieve an item you have bought and report it to ebay I understand that that's the end of it if the seller has proof of postage and you did not ask for and pay for extra insurance, however if the buyer makes a claim through Paypal, as said in other reviews, if the seller can not provide an online tracking number for the goods, even if they have proof of postage, then the buyer is refunded their money.

This is before the buyer will even tell you if their address is correct, and before the 14 days have gone by for the Royal Mail to start investigating it for you. This is also regardless of wether you have said in ytour listing that you need to ask for extra insurance or that once goods are sent and you have proof of postage it is not your responsibilty.

No one likes to be out of pocket or not receive goods they have paid for, but as a third party is involved, i.e. the Royal Mail, this is a risk we have to deal with. We calculate how big a risk it is when we either do or don't ask a seller for insurance on goods being sent to us. From a seller's point of view, as many of us have now learn't from seeing other reviews, please send goods with insurance as standard to stop Paypal's dubious practice. I'm not saying all buyers are out to con you, but it is their word against yours, and even when you have proof, Paypal sides with the buyer.

Paypal can be a good method of paying for items, and it obviously needs to protect people from the rouges out there, but it appears to come down more heavily than it needs on these types of cases when the buyer could have paid for insurance but choose not too.




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