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Ebay has been a great place to trade and not to scare any new sellers 99% of people are very honest

But then there are the 1% the moaner the wingers the scum of the earth

These buyers will just want to use your item or maybe even break your item then they go to Paypal and say

that you sold them something bad which of course is rubbish and it dont matter that you have done over 1000 Paypal

deals this one person the bad ebayer can make your life hell they will get your account frozen and then you will fight

to get your money back and if your really unlucky the buyer will send back a broken item the same as you sold and you

will then have a hunk of junk and no money because Paypal will have paid back the lier when they proved they sent some rubbish back

This happened to me and Paypal said that buyers must be taken at there word

BUT what about us sellers are we a bunch of liers or just victims of FRAUD

I still take Paypal because without it our sales suffer no one wants to write a cheque anymore and we as sellers should be protected

and why cant we have our good feedback recovered when a complete airhead gives us an undeserved negitive

Ebay and Paypal need to get there act togther and earn the mega money they take from us each year

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