Paypal - Why does it take so long to transfer funds!!!!

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I recently got myself a Paypal PAYG top up card all well and good you top up and buy stuff online my problem began yesterday morning i received a refund from a ebay seller for goods not received no problem there, the problem begins because i paid for the purchase through Paypal using the card the funds where credited to my paypal account but automatically transfered to my card it's been over 38 hours and the funds have not been transfered to my card i contacted Paypal top up card customer services they informed me that i should contact PAYPAL as they are a separate conpany, i spoke to a customer services advisor and was informed that it could take anything from 3to 30 days for the funds to be credited to my card as refunds are not considered the same as a top up but they confirmed that the sent the funds to the card this is not a glich but common practice this is the 21st centuary in the days of electronic banking supposed to make your life easier it dawns on me that paypal are making extra money be delaying our money, A word of warning as it could happen to you remember althought PAYG cards allow you to make transactions online they are not given the same priority or status as a credit card just thought i would share this with the ebay community i hope this guide saves someone from the hassle i have been given.
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