Paypal and Ebay fraud: scam

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I joined ebay on 22nd November 2012. I put on sale my wedding dress and all the accesories for £500. On the 23rd of November it was sold and I received several emails, including an email from Paypal letting me know that once I shipped the item to Nigeria and it was received, they would credit the amount of £600 in my paypal account. The extra £100 was for the shipping costs. So I believed it for two reasons: the buyer told me that she works for UNICEF and also that the paypal email looked genuine. I shipped the item on the 28th of November. I spent the amount of £121. I was told by the post office that it would take 6 days. I told the buyer that and the tracking number as well. The buyer sent me an email on Thursday 29th asking me to send the amount of £250 to Nigeria by Western Union Money Transfer. I also received an email from Paypal telling me that they charged that amount of money to the buyer as paypal fees and it was urgent that I had to send that money that very same day. It was then when I knew something was really wrong about it. I sent several emails to the paypal email I received that was obviously the wrong one as after ringing paypal they told me they didn't send me any emails. So, I went to the post office and they told me to contact Parcelforce. I did that yesterday 30th of November and they said that the parcel was gone and on its way to Nigeria. It will arrive there and go to the customs office. Paypal told me to call the police and I did so. An officer came last night and told me that unless eBay and Paypal investigate this and prove it has been committed a fraud, they cannot do anything. So, I have chatted with eBay this morning and although they are investigating the open case, they cannot do much. The person from eBay said that eBay is not a proper auction, but a place where anyone can do anything. That is, you are not protected at all. So, once the investigation is finished, if I get the payment I haven't received yet, I will stay on eBay. If I don't, I will delete my account and my paypal account and I will contact newspapers, all the media, in order to let everybody know what has happened to me and that these two sites are not to be trusted at all.
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