Paypal and New Nokia mobile phones

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to the first point paypal would like to say that everyone be carefull, if you want to recieve higher amount of money, for example you have sold Nokia 8800 mobile phone for 250 and you are to get paid for it, make sure that you have all ways varified account. One my mate didnt and paypal considered this transaction as high risk one, however he was using paypal already almoust 2 years. What paypal did was roughly this: made his account limited, so that he couldnt transfer his money and asked him to provide couple of documentation like reciept from phone, postal confirmation of sending and so on. After he successfully sent all requested materials, he has been told that anyway his account is blocked for 180 days, which no chance to do anything. I think that its not so fair, they hide it behind security policy, which i understand but scammers usually trying to buy not sell and if they never get paid by paypal only western union or moneygram, something that you cant proove.

As to the second point New Nokia mobile phones with BB5 software, these phones including for example Nokias 6111, 7380, 7360, 6630, 6680, New N series N70, 72, 73, 80 93 and so on, these phones cannot be unlocked only if you on contract and your contract expires they will unlock it. If you ask before they will charge you the amount you have left to pay for your contract, for example your contract has 6 remaining months of 35 pounds so it means they will unlock your phone for 6*35 which is 210 pounds. whoever is writing something different wants to sell the phone for most but you will be the one who will have useless phone, for example if phone is locket to Orange and in your country is no orange network, it wont work at all. Hope these informations are usefull to you.

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