Paypal and other surcharges are not allowed.

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A point to make is that most people selling accept paypal as payment. And some sellers ask for you to pay a percentage of the overall price to cover paypal costs (I used to in the past myself) it is usually between 2% and 5%. As you may or may not know Ebay sellers are NOT allowed to ask for this additional payment anymore. Any additional costs should now be incorperated into the original price paid. If you see an item you want and the seller asks for a percentage to cover paypal costs, do not purchase and then argue. You could risk getting a negative feedback. I suggest telling the seller that you are interested in buying the item but you are not willing to pay the surcharge and ask them if they are aware that they are not allowed to charge extra for using paypal as a payment and point them to this link :- If the seller will not remove the extra costs i suggest either paying by cheque or purchasing from another seller.
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