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Paypal promises security but does not deliver. Contrary to what I have read in another review Paypal does not favour the consumer over the seller, in fact, very much the other way.

Where a dispute occurs over the description of the goods offered for sale and a complaint is made to Paypal then a copy of your complaint is sent to the seller, who is expected to make a reply, so that Paypal can monitor the corresponence. If he fails to reply and just ignores it then you might reasonably expect Paypal to find in your favour. Your expectations would be wrong.

What happens next is that you are given ten days maximum to fax documentary proof, supplied by an expert, at your non-recoverable expense, describing how it differs from the description. If the seller states "Brand new" but its dented and does not work. You are not qualified to state this - An expert must do it. I presume if you ordered a rugby ball and a cricket ball arrived you would have to get a sports shop to give you written proof that the wrong ball was sent. You then have to pay for that.

If it will take some time for a repairer to examine your purchase, your claim will fail. Do not enter into communication with Paypal as they will pass your commincation on but you will not get a reply. However, your ten days is disappearing fast. Do not be on holiday or away from your computer it will make no difference.

I have to say that before this incident I had no trouble with Paypal. They took my money and paid it to the seller or they took the money and gave it to me (when I was selling).

But do not think they will help when goods are not as described you are on your own.


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