Paypal buyer protection? ....Ebay protection? BE WARNED

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Ok Paypal offer "Buyer protection".

Explanation? ok i'll try and keep it brief.


I went to purchase and expensive phone on ebay and the guy had little feedback, well 1 to be precise.


Anyway i thought i'd go for it and take the chance and buy it. I did, and i did get it fortunately.

But how many other people are taking the chance? 1000's !.  Why you ask? Well before paying for the item, i contacted ebay who fobbed me off with paypals number as ebay said if i take the chance its up to me as ebay do not monitor their sales on their site, so if i buy something its at my own risk.

So beware ebay will not back you up if you get stung. I also had some ebay sellers who were bidding on my items with false addresses and names and telephone numbers, how i know is another matter. Anyway, i phoned ebay and told them about this guy who was selling illegal items and had a false address etc..He was making a lot of money from ebayers. What did they tell me? "I'm sorry but we have no authority over what is being sold on our site and if people use false names, thats their choice and is nothing to do with ebay". I also told them about 1 guy who had 6 ebay id's and was conning people and was told the same from ebay. I will be using EBID from now on as its a uk company and they actually care about their members.

As for paypal before i finsh, well so much for buyer protection. After calling paypal (who is ebay really) about this item i was going to buy they told me i have no protection as you are only allowed protection wait for it "3 TIMES A YEAR". So if you are using ebay all the time and get stung more than 3 times, YOU LOSE, so beware of false advertising and enticement, ITS NOT AS SAFE AS YOU THINK.

The moral of the story:

Don't believe everything you read as some of it or most of it is just to get money from you.


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