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I find Paypal very annoying, but as I sell international as well I have no option. Here's what has happened.

Buyers pay for items via Paypal. Now most of my items go Recorded Delivery or International signed for. Thing is if the person at the other end. Recieves their item, and doesnt sign for it, they make a claim. I have 3 shops on ebay all selling different kinds of items. So on the other 2 shops I have now decided to add costs for Signed for items, even though this may not cover me. I check peoples feedbacks and have noticed they do this kind of scam quite alot. Paypal end up refunding them, I lose out, make a claim through the Post Office for the loss. Sometimes im refunded others im not, as I end up making so many claims, that the Post Office now think of me as a fraud.
Another scam in Paypal, People mainly abroad, pay for their items through Paypal, I post the items off, and whamo all of a sudden their payment is cancelled. I report them to Ebay, they say report them to Paypal, so I report them to Paypal. What do Paypal do...............absolutely nothing. Even though the transaction went through Paypal & Paypal is a part of Ebay for a start. I lose out and the buyer gets their items, and I end up paying for it. Can I make a claim through the Post Office...........No why? Because im already making claims for items not recieved, from other fraudulent users.

My advice is. Find out if you can how a payment can be stopped, yes I know theres one where a payment is made via Credit/Debit card. And should there be no funds in their account or their banks refuse to submit the payment. It then gets cancelled.

I have also noticed that some buyers complain about the Postage. Well dont they realise in my sellings, that signed for is not an option now, costs of packing, and paying people to pack the items, & plod along to the Post Office, queue up and of course depending on how many Items are sold, the weight of carrying it all.

I warn you people now, I have a new way of sending my items, no matter if its Paypal, or Cheque. Dont post the items for 10 days after payment is made. This allows you enough time. To suss out whether the buyer has the funds, and is genuine.

As for the Post Office etc International couriers, I believe if something has been paid for IE: Signed for, then the item "should" be signed for, because that is what we paid for. Regardless of whether the person is home or not. They can leave a note, notifying the purchaser and let them plod along to the Post Office, sign for the item and off they go.

Not only is Ebay & Paypal let alone any Postal companies a scam, us sellers, find it difficult to make any kind of living, with people out there abusing us & the cracks in the system.

What do you out there think????


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