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Just a quick mention, having read so many articles complaining at the uselessness of paypal etc. in protecting against fraud. I have been subject to fraud on larger items around £150-200 mark three times now. Suffice to say, ebay/paypal "insured" me and yet after everything, I was down each time, with paypal making me pay THEM back for my own money that someone had frauded. I spoke to a computer retailer recently who offered me this advice - "Paypal are pathetic and useless. Only use them if you know and trust the seller, read his feedback and scan him properly, paypal won't do anything except waste your time and put the criminal in the "right" - seriously, don't bother."

So with that advice in mind, the moral of the story is to check the sellers/buyers yourself, check their feedback and so on before comitting to these "auctions" which at the end of the day, pump the paypal/ebay powerhouse more money, and less customer benefits each time...
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