Paypal is not as trustworthy as it claims

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I bought some software advertised as genuine, paid with Paypal. I received a message from ebay advising to cancel the transaction as they had suspended the seller/item, and if I had paid to reclaim. I had already paid using Paypal, so I put in a claim, and chose from thier selection of choices that the goods had not been supplied, which at the time of being told to cancel they hadn't. Paypal obviously contacted the supplier who 2 weeks later or more sent through copied software. I contacted Paypal and told them this, that the goods were not as described, and guess what they said? That the supplier had told them goods were despatched and that as I had made a claim under the 'not received' label and the goods were now deemed to have been despatched. Paypal have a 'policy' of only allowing one claim per transaction, and as I had 'used mine up' on the non supply ticket, and the scammer had told them he had mailed the goods, I couldn't make 'another' claim. Really. I wrote to Paypal head office to their 'customer complaints' department about 2 months ago now, and have not even had an acknowledgement of recieving the letter. I do intend to take them to the small claims court. Watch this space. And with the issue of  online trust and security? Don't trust trust Paypal 100%.
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