Paypal not so great.

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Paypal have been good to me once, got me a full refund on goods not sent, with me being in the UK and the goods in the USA, it was damn handy. Recently i bought a cheap alarm remote control [as i only have 1] from a firm in the US called Le Auto Specialities for my Ford Mustang. After some hassle over his long delivery time [and the familiar non response to every e-mail] i found it did'nt work. In fact we tried it on 5 cars, and nothing happened, so i started a paypal dispute. All of a sudden Mr Silent became Mr Vocal, he could'nt answer my responses fast enough, basically after telling me what i had done wrong and how thick i was, he finally offered to replace it, but at my cost. After taking a dislike to his ramblings and his attitude, i informed paypal i did'nt think i would get a good deal, plus the cost of returning it and posting back would cost me more than it was worth, [as he would'nt offer to pay anything]. The outcome of all this? Well i'm supposed to send it for testing [where in the UK i wonder] at my expense there and back, plus a report costs, get a report with an official title of the firm on paper, fax it to paypal, and then hope they rule in my favour. And all in 10 DAYS, yes 10 days. And paypal have to be able to contact this firm by e-mail.  Evidently its in the paypal small print somewhere, [must get a microscope on them] and even if this remote is deemed beyond repair, they might not still rule the $25 [about £12] in my favour.

I'm just glad its such a small amount, but in this case Paypal has been nobodies pal, except for the bandit i bought it from.


Well well, seems as is so often the case, this jerk is no longer a user of e-bay, what a surprise. Not.



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