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Paypal postage service has saved me hours queuing up at the post office its simple to use and costs the same as the post office but you may encounter some problems so hopefully this guide will help you.

Posting outside of the United Kingdom

Once you press the print postage the buyers address will appear one common problem is the buyer may have typed in non english vowels (  English vowels A E I O U ) before you proceed you must edit the address so only english vowels are present if you dont do this then paypal postage will keep stating "cannot print label due to technical difficulties"

Also many overseas buyers fail to include the county or state you could find this through any search engine but the quickest way is to just type the town in the county or state box as this does not show on the final label I do this all the time and upto now have had no problems with missing post.

Ireland postcodes are not required but Paypals postage may throw up an error simply type town name in the postcode box or type xxx000 if the town name is too long this should do the trick.

Some countries may ask for a custom note here is an example I sell coins so the full description of my item as listed on ebay will appear ready filled in on the customs note in most cases this will be to big for a custom note to be printed I always delete this and simply type coin or coins and then using the drop down box i pick other and simply type coin or coins and using the origin drop down box even if the coin is non UK I just state united kingdom.

Remember to include a printed invoice within your package as some overseas customs are very strict never edit the value or include extra item/s not on the invoice even if the buyer asks as your package will be held they wont mess about.

There are two ways to purchase postage through Paypal one is to press the print postage through ebay which then directs you to Paypal and the second is to login to your Paypal account I always login to Paypal as the buyers address may be wrong in ebay and it also ensures no fraud is being commited maybe a family member or freind could use the buyers account but your guaranteed the package will be addressed to the credit card or bank account holder held at Paypal is much safer.

Lastly one common problem is you may find you get to the print label stage and see the message cannot print label due to technical difficulties although you may have checked the address and everything seems okay this does happen especially at peak times simply log out and return later or keep trying remember you also have 24 hours to reprint a label so if you spill your coffee or damage the label login to Paypal view the buyers details and at the bottom you will see a link to reprint label you wont get charged as long as this is within 24 hours of purchasing the postage.

I hope this guide helps at least one person enjoy your ebaying


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