Paypal protection means little

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Dear fellow Ebayers. I have been using Ebay and Paypal for several years now with no problem to speak of. However recently I was the victim of a fraudulent listing and assumed all would be well as the seller was guaranteed via Paypal upto £150. Please be wary of sellers offering multiple listings of same items as buy it now, even if they are guaranteed and have good feedback. A day after my purchase I noticed the seller receiving negative feedback and contacted Ebay with my concerns - nothing happened. I had to wait 10days to open a Paypal dispute and then wait another 10 days for the seller to respond. During this time I watched the seller happily spending my and other ebayers money buying childrens items. At the end of the wait periods Paypal sent me notification of dispute closing saying they managed to recover £0 and 0p. This was due to the seller having no funds in their Paypal account! I had previously assumed that protection guarantee meant if the item was not received the buyer would get their money back and Paypal would chase the seller for the moneys. A final word of warning to all honest Ebayers using paypal - the guarantee means nothing if the seller has no funds in their account - but looks very impressive on a listing! Happy Ebaying.

13 Aug 2012
Things now much improved so above only for historic reference on how things were. See my other guide Paypal Refunds, for details. Well done ebay/Paypal.
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