Paypal -- robbers

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I have been stitched up by paypal on more than one occasion. The latest is they have decided to withhold funds payed to me on an ebay sale. There reason-buyer/seller protection or so they say. The only people they are protecting are themselves (paypal inc)  Be carefull with these crooks because thats an apt description of them. Here are two recent experiences I had.  An item was bought and sent to China. but the buyer asked for a refund on the grounds of this equipment (a cd player) not working) It was fully working when I sent it. Despite several requests for more details as to what was wrong the buyer gave no information and just generalised. He asked for 50 pounds refund to cover "repairs" After a while I discovered that he was unhappy with scratches on the case. But I clearly pointed this out on my ebay sale and posted detailed pictures of these scratches. That was all , the player worked perfectly. I declined to send a refund until he sent more information but of course he couldn't because it worked ok. So he opened a dispute with paypal and guess what?  he was awarded a full refund by paypal who didnt even investigate if his claim was genuine. So I faced a chargeback of the full cost including my outward postage which was nearly 60 pounds They put a negative balance on my account of over 280 pounds so any more funding from sales would be sucked into this negative balnce and I would loose my cash to a fraudulent buyers claim for a refund.  I protested to "customer help and support but it fell on deaf ears  Another bad experience was some time ago when I was happily buying items on ebay and paying promptly from my primary bank account which was always well funded when I recieved three letters   from my bank informing me that I would be charged for 4 unpaid items. Unknown to me paypal decided without my permission to switch my payments to my secondary bank account which I dont generally use and is not well funded. My sellers did not recieve their funds from me and obviously couldnt send the items to me. When I protested to paypal, again they wern'st interested in the fact that I had to pay my bank for 4 returned payments and send letters of apology to those sellers who were not payed  Paypal were quite rude on the phone and even told me to claim back from MY BANK for their error GET THAT!   My bank were in their right to charge me It was paypal who should have refunded my bank charges because they switched my bank accounts without asking for my permission. They latest escapade from these robbers is they will now hold my funds for 21 days and then another 3 days at least for the cash to arrive at my bank So I could wait up to 24 or more days before I get paid yet these crooks take THEIR FEE immediately   Why dont they also wait the 21 days before they take their payment    I am now looking for alternative ways to send and recieve funds  I would appreciate any infomation as to other methods of sending and recieving funds on ebay -------     Eric S   
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