Paypal - so much for instant payments!!!!

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Be very careful when paying with paypal for goods more than a certain value.
I purchased a quad bike for £1760, I received a message from paypal to say that the transaction was complete
I arranged with the seller to go and collect the quad as his ebay account said that the payment was complete

I then drove for 150 miles to go and collect the quad only to find that paypal hadn't actually cleared the funds into his account. I spent 35 mins on the phone with paypal which resulted in them saying that at the 24 hour point the money would either clear or return to my account.

I then had to waste 3 hours waiting for the 24 hours to complete. The money then cleared in the seller's account and I was able to take the quad home.

Paypal insist that they were doing it in my best interest but failed to explain how making me sit for 3 hours for the money to clear was in my best interest.

I now hate paypal!!!


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