Paypal the seller con be aware

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Paypal buyer protection only works with items you can post ,if you pick the item up personnaly your buyer protection does not work.

It does not cover cars , motorcycles, boats, caravans trailers etc

Paypal make a big thing about how your covered with you ebay purchases but to be honest you better not using Paypal ,the cover they provide is not for all ebay items but they mislead you into thinking they are so you pay using them and they get paid via fees from the money you give to the seller .

There is a current scam just now so please be aware of this

You buy your item and pay with Paypal , the seller sends you a worthless item but not what you bought in my case i bought a laptop and the seller sent me a cd disc ,I of course went to paypal to get a refund and was told to send the item i had recived back using a postage system that has tracking ,you have to send what ever rubbish the seller has sent you back or you wont get your money back

Now the problem starts if you use the post office , there track and trace system only gets updated once the person signed for the item , but what some sellers have found out is that if the dont answer the door and get a card from the post office they can simply ignore it and do not pick up the worthless item , after about 30 days the post office returns the item to sender by which time the seller gets to keep your money .

The way out of this is to find out the local delivery office where the item has gone and ask them to write you a letter stating that the item has had a attempted delivery but has been carded , that way Paypal will refund you , the best way is just dont use the post office and use a courier service who provide better tracking and more

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