Paypals Policy on digital Products

Like if this guide is helpful

Paypal although tending to come down on buyers side where the item is solid,

Are absolutely the opposite in regard to Digital products

I have had this problem with them on more than one occassion even when the payment has been unclaimed

Paypal as and when you try to cancel payment due to not getting download link that works

and after several attempts to contact the seller to try to resolve the download problem, all paypal will say is to contact the seller as they cannot do any thing about this problem

Personally I only complain when there is good and proper grounds after several attempts to sort it with the seller

unfortuanately digital downloads are autoresponder produced so all your email gets directed to is that autoresponder

thus giving time for the payment to get through to the sellers account

I must say here that 99% of the sellers I contact for digital downloads are genuine and do eventually sort things outand even give a sorry mate bonus for problem caused and 9 times out of ten it is the paypal auto responder that is to fault

if only any one wanting to sell digital products via any means would get the following dispatcher

which also sends the goods out in CD/DVD format on Disk and thus wont fall foul ofthe new rule on ebay about how digital products are to be sold from now on

yes that is in the solid form as well as the instant download it will save oh so many problems

the details about the dispatcher can be found and the purchase page on the following

ah well I got told to take the link out as you can only link to ebay pages

email me on

there you go again it told me to remove email address
it beats me as to how we users of ebay and paypal can assist each other if they wont allow contact details
try clicking my ebay nick name and contact see if that works!

use of a dispatcher such as this one with the genuine standards it provides should be mandatory for all sellers of digital products (they removed link to the dispatcher)

then the bad link senario would be eliminated as would digital payment and product theft

we buyers and sellers should boycot these companies that rip us off, you try ripping them off and the fraud squad will be getting you out of bed at 4am smashing your door down etc etc

yes I agree with bulk complaint about Paypal  as per the details in the guide above with the complaint number paypal complaint 226056

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