Pen Buying Guide

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Since the dawn of mankind, there has been a need to document through the use of a writing instrument. From scribes on a wall, writing instruments have advanced to modern pens that come in a variety of types with various features. When choosing a type of pen to purchase, purpose, quality, comfort and price are important factors to consider.

Product Choices:

A ballpoint pen is a pen that uses a small rotating ball to disperse ink as you write. Most ballpoint pens depend on gravity to disperse the ink onto the writing surface; therefore, they do not always work when used at an angle or sideways. Ballpoint pens are less likely to leak than fountain pens because of the thickness of the ink.

Fountain Pen contains the nib and the feed. The nib is the triangular shaped writing tip that gets ink from the reservoir through the feed. It’s ability to create elegant line variations makes the fountain pen unique. The fountain pen performs best on bonded and acid free papers.

Porous Point
Porous point pens, also called soft tip pens, have a soft writing tip. The tips on soft tips are made of either felt or an absorbent plastic. When writing, the absorbent tip draws ink onto the paper.

Highlighters are a type of porous pen. The absorbent felt tip draws the brightly colored ink onto the writing surface. Highlighters are meant to draw attention to items already existing on the document.

Roller Ball
Roller Ball pens are a combination of features from the ballpoint, fountain, and porous point pens. Although it uses a rolling ball to dispense the ink like a ballpoint pen, it contains fluid ink like that found in fountain pens. This allows the pen to write as smooth as a fountain or porous point pen. Also like a fountain pen, the ink in a roller ball performs better on bond or acid free paper.

Features to Consider:

Fine Point
Fine point tips often work best for users who have handwriting that is small.

Medium Point
Medium Point tips often work best for users who have handwriting that is big.

Rubberized Barrel
Pens with a rubberized barrel provide for easier gripping and comfort.

Counter Mounted
A counter pen affixes the pen to a surface to prevent loss of the pen. The base is secured to a surface and has a holder for the pen. The pen is then attached to the base through a cord.

Desk Sets
Desk sets are often given as gifts or used to compliment a desk. The pen is secured to the base with a holder. Desk sets can include plaques for engraving on the base.

Buying Tips:

  1. When purchasing a pen as a gift or for personal use, consider the user’s hands size. Typically, a narrow and shorter pen should be used with small hands and a broad barreled, longer pen should be used for large hands.
  2. Take into account the cost of accessories for pens such as pocket protectors and ink refills.
  3. Compare cost per each pen when pens are packaged in bundles.
  4. Find out and compare the warranties available for high cost pens.
  5. Consider the color of the barrel of a pen along with its design, as a pen is a reflection of the user.
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