Perfect Way to buy games off ebay!!!

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Like anyone out there, the price of playstation 3 games drops everyday and people as me the same question, ''How do i know if i am paying the right money for this game?'' Well here is your answer, the perfect way to do this is to first make sure that when looking at price, compare it to online shops such as or etc and always realise that the price on ebay should be cheaper than that of the shops otherwise you might as well go to the shops and buy it. Next thing you should do is to check the sellers feedback. It should be around the 10+ range otherwise  the seller is too new and maybe untrustworthy but sometimes if you are willing to take the risk it pays off. Well the next thing to do it is tomake sure the item is legit and to do that if you live in the united kingdom, make sure the game is uk pal and then make sure the game cover is the same as those of in the shops. Anyway the last thing to do is to check and make sure that the postage price is of a good price. For a playstation game £2.99 - £3.99 is roughly a good price for 1st Class Recorded and i know that as i sell games on a regular basis.
   Anyways i hope this advice helps you all out there and hope you keep buying off ebay as it has made my life great at this moment of time. I'm loving ebay
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