Perfect Wedding Dress Styles for Second-Time Brides

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Perfect Wedding Dress Styles for Second-Time Brides

Getting married is always a big step in any woman’s life and a wedding is still special even if it is the second time. Choosing the wedding dress style way involve making the same decisions as the first wedding, or there may be an effort to make this wedding different. Women may choose a fancier dress for the second wedding if they wore a plain dress to their first or they may choose a plain or contemporary dress when the first dress was elaborate and traditional. Dress styles and body shapes change over the years, so looking at the dress afresh is a wise idea.

There are no set rules for second weddings as etiquette is often more lenient. The venue, season, and time of the wedding influence the choice of the dress. Perfect wedding dresses in many styles can be bought from specialist bridal shops, but a large selection is also available from online retailers, such as eBay.

Styles of Wedding Dress

There are a number of dress styles that have stood the test of time and are favoured by both first and second time brides. Each of the styles has its benefits, but it may look better on one body shape rather than another. There is a style for every body shape and second time brides are sure to find the perfect dress for their magical day.

Mermaid Wedding Dress

The mermaid wedding dress mimics the shape of a mermaid’s tail, fitting tightly around the upper body and hips, then flaring out from the mid thigh or the knee. This figure hugging dress shape is best for curvy brides with an hourglass figure. The shape is not suitable for pear and apple shaped women as it accentuates the waist and the bottom.

Column Wedding Dress

The column wedding dress has a modern and chic look. The fitted dress is shaped like column with a straight skirt. The column dress can be floaty and light in the right fabric, and is great for summer weddings. As the column dress hugs the figure, it is best for tall and slim women as it can make broad hips look even wider.

Empire Line Wedding Dress

The empire line wedding dress has details and seaming just under the bust, making small busts look larger. The dress has an unstructured waist and its skirt falls almost in a straight line beneath the bust, so it covers broad waist lines. Empire line wedding dresses look good on short women as they lengthen the body and add height. Pregnant women can also wear it comfortably as it does not constrain the tummy.

A-Line Wedding Dress

A-line dresses, which include princess line dresses, have figure hugging tops and flare out from the hips. A-line dresses flatter the bust and slim the waistline as well as covering up wide hips. Moreover, the A-line dress can also give volume to narrow hips. The A-line wedding dress is the most popular choice as it suits most body types. Small busts may need some extra padding, while large busts may require extra support in the bodice, especially if the dress is strapless.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress

The ball gown wedding dress, also known as the ballerina or full skirt dress, has the most volume compared to other dress styles. The ball gown dress offers the classic, elegant look that we know and love from fairy tales. The skirt can be very decorative and heavy, or light and soft depending on the fabrics used. The dress often has a fitted bodice and a natural or dropped waistline that emphasises the curves. Women with a small bust or very wide hips should avoid the full skirt style because it makes their bust look smaller or their hips wider.

Sleeves for Wedding Dresses

Choosing the sleeves of the wedding dress depends on how much of the shoulders and arms the bride wants to show. Some dresses are sleeveless, while others have short, three quarter length or long sleeves that can be either attached to the dress or worn as a separate bolero jacket.

Cap Sleeves for Wedding Dresses

The cap sleeve is the shortest sleeve style and it only covers the shoulder, leaving the arms bare. This style is suitable for brides with slender and toned arms. The cap sleeve style breaks up the line and balances small shoulders. Also, they make tall women look more compact.

Three Quarter Length Sleeves for Wedding Dresses

Three quarter length sleeves extend to a point somewhere between the wrist and the elbow. This sleeve style flatters women with long arms as it makes them appear well proportioned. The line of the sleeve can visually cut the arm and make short arms look even shorter.

Balloon Sleeves for Wedding Dresses

The balloon sleeve is a type of long sleeve. It is full from the shoulder to the elbow and then narrows at the wrist. The balloon sleeve draws attention to the upper body, so suits slim figures and broadens wider shapes.

Necklines for Wedding Dresses

The neckline of the wedding dress influences how the neck and the bust look. There are many styles of neckline from strapless to V-neck.

Strapless Wedding Dresses

The strapless neckline is usually found in tight fitting bodices. Women with long necks and proud shoulders benefit from the strapless neckline style. The style is best worn by medium busted women, as large busts may not get enough support from this style.

Boat Neck Wedding Dresses

The boat neck, also known as the bateau neckline, follows the collarbones and is therefore perfect for brides with beautiful necks and well-defined shoulders. The boat neck also makes narrow shoulders look wider and the bust bigger.

Sweetheart Neckline for Wedding Dresses

The sweetheart neckline is one of the most popular neckline styles because it is rather romantic. The neckline looks like a heart and enhances the cleavage. The Queen Anne neckline is similar to the sweetheart style, but it is linked to the sleeves. Another variation is the dipped neckline, which is a less defined version of the sweetheart and flatters any bust size.

Halter Neck Wedding Dresses

The halter neck style has straps joining at the back of the neck. The back is generally cut low, so this style is best worn without a bra or with a multiway bra featuring adjustable straps. The halter neck lengthens the appearance of short women, but it emphasises the upper body, so large busted women may want to avoid it.

V-Neck Wedding Dresses

The V-neck can cut low into the cleavage. It looks good on larger busts, but small busted brides may consider wearing it with extra padding in the bra. Women with medium sized breasts generally look great in this style.

Scoop Neck Wedding Dresses

The scoop neckline is a classic style that suits almost any bride. The neckline is shaped like the letter U and it is cut low, often with a similar neckline at the front and the back of the dress.

Wedding Dress Colours

Traditional wedding dresses are white, but there are some variations, such as cream and golden ivory. Choosing the right tone depends on the bride’s skin tone rather than her hair colour. The main consideration is whether the skin has a cool or warm tone. Cool skin tones make the veins on the arm look blue with blue undertones. Warm skin tones make the veins on the arm look green with pink undertones. Wedding dress colours that work well for brides with cool skin tones include cool coloured, blue based ivory, or white materials. Women with warm skin tones should opt for wedding dresses in warm coloured, golden ivory, or cream tones.

Alternatively, a bride may wish to wear a non-traditional colour or a printed dress, and in that case the world of fabrics are available to her. The right colour of the dress complements the wearer and the dress.

Buying Wedding Dresses for Second-Time Brides on eBay

If you want to buy a perfect wedding dress from eBay, you can start by searching with the keywords "wedding dress" on the main page. This option is useful if you do not have an idea of what kind of dress you desire and want to browse the styles available. However, it is much easier to find the perfect dress if you know what you want. Consider the skirt types that flatter your body shape and start by searching for dresses with that style. From there on, you can browse through an array of results and find your desired sleeve length and neckline style. You may also sort the results by auction time or price if you need the dress soon or have a budget in mind. Read the details in the item listing carefully and ask the seller any questions that remain. Find a Top-rated seller with good feedback and high ratings for an excellent service.


Getting married for the second time is special so choosing a perfect wedding dress is important. A bride may choose to use experience to select a similar style to her first wedding, or may have changed in style and shape, and so choose a completely different dress. Brides have to make a number of decisions when it comes to the dress. First, they should decide on the shape, choosing from styles varying from the fairy tale look of the full skirt to the simple line of the column dress.

The body shape influences the right choice: the relative shape of the bust, waist, and hips must be considered to find the perfect style. Another consideration is the sleeve length, which is largely dependant on the shoulders and arms. The neckline of the dress can highlight the bust. Traditional wedding dress colours vary from white to cream and each skin tone benefits from one of the range of colours. A second time bride may choose to wear any colour that matches her skin tone. When second-time brides-to-be have considered all the details, they can start searching for their perfect wedding dress style on eBay and then enjoy their big day.

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