Perfume After Care

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Knowing how to look after your perfume will protect your investment. Air, heat and light are fragrance's worst enemies.

Here's how to exercise some scent sence:

  • The lifespan of an unopened bottle of fragrance depends on it's blend, but usually you can keep it safely for up to three years as long as it stays away from heat and light. Bathrooms aren't the ideal place to store fragrance, because of the temperature fluctuations.


  • Limit your perfume's exposure to air as much as possible. Once you open the bottle, it will begin to deteriorate - like wine, but not so fast. Experts recommend sticking to one or two scents and using them up quickly. If you prefer a wider choice, always buy the smallest size.


  • If you do buy larger bottles of fragrance, which are more cost-effective, fill an atomiser with a very small amount of scent and keep the big bottle in the fridge.


  • Alternatively, keep the bottle in it's box which limits it's exposure to light.


All fragrances have a year to 18 month self life once opened. If they smell vinegary, go darker or orangey in appearance or become sticky, they are past their best!

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