Perfume Guide And Royal Perfumery FAQ

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Perfume Guide

A perfume is not just another part of your toilette. It tells the other person about your taste, spirit and personality type. The right scent can impress an interviewer or make a man lick your feet. Wear a perfume that connotes the part of your personality you want to highlight that day. Remember that there are different scents for different occasions.

Pure perfume is the costliest and best form of fragrance with almost 22% of essential oils and the least amount of alcohol-based fixative. However, if you are running on limited funds, you can gift someone a body lotion, bath or shower gel, eau de cologne or even a shampoo that has the luxury and taste of the most exotic perfume, at affordable prices. The percentage of essential oils in other fragrances is given below:

  • Eau de parfum - 15 to 22 percent
  • Eau de toilette - 8 to 15 percent
  • Cologne or Eau de cologne - about 4 percent
  • Eau fraiche - 1 to 3 percent

Just like there is a perfume for every occasion, there is one for every season. We give you a quick look at the season's best:

  • Spring is the season of freshness, flowers and flirtations. Go for perfumes that have flowery essence and a sweet, fresh aroma.
  • Summer perfumes should make you feel fresh, light and cool. Go for scents with citrus notes that help to lift your mood and charge you for another hot and humid afternoon. Note that summers cause perfumes to evaporate and fill the air quickly. If you do not want people to think you have sprayed the whole bottle, go for a perfume with lower concentrations of essential oils.
  • Autumn is associated with softness, earthiness and depth. Go for perfumes with mossy aromas. Wood perfumes or sweet fruity scents are the best pick.
  • Winter calls for string perfumes. Get wild with ginger, rosewood and sandalwood!

Tip: Match your perfume with your mood, occasion and personality type. There are different scents for different seasons.



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