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So, I must start by stating that we design, print and sell personalised birthday cards. And because of this, some of you might think that this guide is biased in certain way, but my aim is to explain the technical nature of printing greeting cards which hopefully will help some of you to know what to look for.
Types of greeting cards sold on ebay
So there are three main types of greeting cards sold on ebay which are different in many ways.
  1. So called "Home Made Greeting Cards" - Unfortunately I must say that this statement "home made" is an excuse for simply providing bad quality cards. These are usually printed on cheap inkjet printer and cheap photo paper. You can recognise those cards easily as the seller does not have the right equipment to print on thick card. So they print cards on inkjet photo paper and because this would make their cards very flimsy they have to attach this so called insert, which is simply another piece of paper stuck to the flimsy photo paper which makes the card thicker. In addition they cannot print on the other side of the photo paper so the insert is usually printed with some colourful graphics to take your attention of the poor quality of the card. Notice that the card is folded by hand and the edge is all over the place. Touch the cover with moist hand and on some cards ink will run. Packaging - because the cards are very easy to damage they are in the cellophane and they coming with the C5 envelope. C5 envelope is too big for a card and because it will not fit nice in any other envelope, so it's usually wrapped in A4 envelope. Which makes the whole package so big that they have to send it as large letter. So if you see LRG stamp on your delivered card expect the above.
  2. Digital Cards - I state openly that this is what we do so, I will try to explain why and how we do it. Digital Cards are printed on digital printing press. Which is using laser technology to print on the high quality card which has the thickness of up to 500gsm. Our cards are printed on special premium card which is slightly satin on the outside and matt on the inside, so you can write your message with the pen. Card will perfectly stand on it's own. I can't disclose what type of card we are using but if I had to describe it, I would say that it's the same card as it's used to manufacture boxes for very expensive perfume - it's very light but very stiff. The cards are digitally printed so print will not dissolve if you accidentally touch it with the wet hand (although I don't advise you do that anyway). Our cards are machine creased first before the are folded to make sure they have the perfect edge. Card is then inserted into special envelope which is slightly bigger then the card but it's only 1mm on each side! These envelopes are custom made for us in the UK, but because the card sits very tight in the envelope it's all well protected . Then this goes into external envelope and gets posted to you with Royal Mail 1st class. By the way, Royal Mail collects the cards from us in special containers to make sure they are getting to the sorting office in perfect condition.
  3. Hand made cards - These are really nice but please do not confuse these with the "Home made cards" listed previously in section 1. Some hand made cards sold on ebay are amazing. The ones which are made by real craftsmen are fantastic, and I can't give you any technical advice on these as every artist will use different card, different printing technique, add some glitter to it. I mean really buying one of these for £7 or even £15 it's a great pleasure 
Things to watch out for
- Delivery time
- Quality statements - if seller is trying to convince you that their cards are good quality they usually are not. So any statement like " Our cards are printed on this and that should be avoided.
- Personalisation level - most Home made cards although bad quality, the seller might be willing to offer higher level of personalisation. We on other hand can only personalise the cards as per our item description which is usually name + age + optional inside message.

All in all I hope this info will be useful to some of our ebay frinds. But if you have any questions please message us.
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