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On the 1st of April,(This has nothing to do with April Fools Day ), I was checking out Nutro Cat foods in order to see if I could buy it cheaper on the Internet. I was horrified to see that in America, Pet Foods were killing cats and dogs. If you do not believe me check the Internet. The main manufacturers of pet foods have brought cheap wheat from China. THIS CONTAINS PLASTICS AND RAT POISON. Are we safe in Europe and the U.K?.

 I HAVE SPOKEN TO VETS AND PET FOOD SHOPS IN MY AREA. No one seems to know about it! Help me to find out if our pets are safe. Demand that the foods in our shops are tested for these substances. It takes time for our pets to die from these poisons. How long do you want to wait?. Look at what is happening in America. Best Wishes To you all Tony.

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