Peugeot 205 gti

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What to look for on buying a peugeot 205 1.6 Gti... above and beyond the normal checks of course. We know it's practically a classic but what's it like owning one??? :-

1 - Be prepared for the built quality, it's not indestructable like a Golf and bits often deteriorate and fall off. These cars can be prone to annoying faults! Check CV joints, the wiring loom that wraps around the back left side of the engine (look for overheating damage), check the integrity and condition of the seats, consider winding windows over electric ones, does the sunroof leak and if so is it just the rubber washers on the handle or something more serious. Test all the electrics and look at the condition of connectors in the engine bay. Also bonnet hinges which need to be kept well lubricated.

2 - You'll probably need an approved immobiliser for our insurance and if the wheels are nice it's worth protecting them. If you're planning to install a nice stereo best make it invisible as the doors are quite flimsy and your prized possessions on the passenger seat will not last long.

3 - Only some of the engines can have the airflow adjusted manually, it may be worth looking for one of these as the ECU is notoriously lumpy on these cars particularly when cold, and you may just want to tweek the mixture over the winter.

4 - Whilst the bodywork on 205s is normally very good you need to check for accident damage. You don't get much protection from the body panels on these (but then it's the light weight panels that make it drive the way it does).

5 - The 1.6 has a close ratio gearbox which means it's over revving at times on the motorway and burns fuel, the 1.9 has a longer ratio and also leather seats with better wear if you can stand the insurance.

6 - Look at the tyre brand, if they're budget you'll want to change them.

Have fun!





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