Phil & Ted E3

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I recently got an Phil & Ted E3 from Ebay.  I want to share my positives and negatives.  I found that the putting up of this push chaie is quite easy by just a flicking action to bring the front wheel out.  The putting down, however, is not quite as easy as it is a sudden drop so if your fingers were int he way it would probably hurt (not dont this - yet!)

To have baby in the lower cradle is brill - he is out of sight and warm and cosy, the downside is trying to find toys that he can see / watch that might fix to the upper chair back.  My eldest loves to sit up high and enjoys.  I find this push chair extremely useful when shopping on my own as i can keep both kids in one place and do not have to worry about where my eldest is.  whereas on a buggie board she would be up and down.  The down side is that it is quite heavy with both my 2yr old and baby in and it is NOT that easy to steer with one hand.  finding somewhere to shopping is also awkward witht he solid handle.  the basket is not easy to access.

But i have found this to be a useful push chair to have - so far i have used it about 2 months and still in  the pocess of deciding if it is still worth it.  The idea is good and i have used it quite a lot for local runabouts.

i do not know about the mud guards to improve safety as we have not got to this stage yet!

cheers HKA

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