Phil & Teds Double Buggy - Mud or Rear Wheel Guards

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A while ago I wrote a guide about the Phil & Teds based on my experience so far.  This new guide adds to that on the specific issue of mud (or rear wheel) guards.

People may well chuckle at the idea of mud guards on a buggy, BUT my smallest is now 9 months old and grabbing at stuff, and the back wheels from his position in the rear seat are getting close to being in reach!  I have added mudguards to protect his fingers as we are moving along, and also to protect my clothes as I lean on the buggy to get him in and out as  I was getting tyre marks on my arms in all the wet weather we have been having!

The guards also prevent any cosy toes or the seat straps getting in the way of the wheels.  Pkus the raincover tucks nicly inside of them!

I found them fairly easy to fit, although I would recommend using the box they come in to balance the buggy on as you have to take the wheel off to fit them, so the wheel has to go on and off a few times to make sure it doesn't rub on the guard.

So, chuckle all you like, personally its been a worthwhile investment!
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