Philips Satinelle Ice Epilator

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I Purchased a Philips Satinelle Ice Epilator on ebay.  I was a little apprehensive as I have been waxing for years and always wondered about epilators, I was fed up with messy wax and it is so time consuming also you have to let the hairs grow which I didn't like.  So I tool the bull by the horns and decided to give an epilator a try.  I started with my legs as I have always waxed them and so thought it would be easy as the hairs are used to being pulled out which makes them easier to remove.  It was simple epilating my legs took 2 mins and was no more painful than waxing which in my opinion is quite bearable, so then I went for my underarms, well as I have never been able to wax them as it is too hard to hold the skin taught,  epilating them was pretty painful so I did a little bit at a time and as I am reasonably brave  I managed to do them both, then a few days later i did them again and it was quite a bit easier, now I do them about once a week (although I have never seen a hair in that short space of time) it is just so quick it takes about 1 minute and the results are brilliant.  As you can imagine the bikini area is the most painful but if you can just grit your teeth and do a little at a time I promise you it is worth it, it gets easier everytime you do it and the results are absolutely fantastic, after the first time you do it the hairs are so much less it is much easier.  It has totally revolutionised my life and I will never go back to waxing.  Epilating takes less than five minutes and you are hair free for weeks if you choose to leave it that long but I never do I do it about once a week. The epilator I bought has an Ice feature which supposedly numbs the area to make it less painful but I have never tried it so cannot comment on if it helps or not.  But if you have been thinking of epilating and are determined like me I would say you will be very happy with the results, just do a little at a time as I found when it became to painful i went to another area and then went back to it and found it easier, I think your body becomes more resillient after a little while and you find you can go back to it again and finish the job then next time it is easier.  Good Luck. its worth it.
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