Phone Numbers for ebay.

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I have read everywhere different forums and people displaying different information regarding phone numbers for ebay, some of these forums even date back to 2006. Some people claim that phone support is only available for Gold and Platinum Powersellers, this is not true, guaranteed phone support is available to all powersellers. However I have found phone numbers available on the internet for non powersellers, here are three of them.

0700 500 3229   -   0700 809 9181   -   0208 605 3000

Each of these numbers call overseas and are then  redirected back to the UK. Option 2 puts you through to an automated message requesting that you email the ebay help desk and Option 3 puts you through to Admin, you do get to speak to someone here, but they put you through to an answer phone. Give them a try though you may have more luck !

I think the truth is, unless you are a Powerseller you are unfortunately limited to using their email help or the forums. Email help is relatively good, although you can wait up to 48 hours for a response. Be clear and concise, give all details you can think of and don't babble on. It is well worth writing your query or concern out first and read it back to yourself. The clearer you question the higher the chance of getting the reply in answer to your question. Remember is a human reading your email and if the don't understand your question then you wont get a relevant answer. The forums, as said are another alternative, but in my opinion it is very easy to get lost in there, none the less they're worth a visit if you are desparate.

Unfortunately that is about it for a basic seller or ebay buyer.

Powersellers can log into the powerseller program where a customer support phone number is available. When you call you will need to confirm your User ID, name, address and date of birth. They are available from 9.00am until 6.00pm, weekends and evening again you are stuck with email support and forums.


There are a few links below to point you in the right direction.

Click here to email. You will need to select a topic from a series of drop down boxes and then ask your question.

Click here to visit ebay forums This link takes you to the Question & Answer boards, there is also a link there for community boards (Good Luck !!!)

Powersellers click here This link will only work for Powersellers, you may be asked to log in.


Don't forget to rate this guide before you go, although it may not have given you the telephone numbers that you were looking for, hopefully we have ended your never ending quest to try and find one.

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