Phony gimic - Dangers of fake Benefit make-up.

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I never used to take that much interest in make-up. Like all girls I enjoy getting dolled up and makeing an effort but it wasn't really until my friends introduced Benefit make-up to me that I started paying much attention to brands.

I'm a massive fan of Hoola, Dallas and Coralista, as well as Bad Gal Lash, so when a friend of mine told me she had bought her Benefit make-up on eBay for less than a fraction of the price, I decided to get myself involved and order a Hoola, Bad Gal Lash and Powder Pop pallete.

When I first received the items, I was none the wiser but soon after using them I noticed a massive difference. See, these products appear almost identical, and unfortunatley to someone who doesn't usually use Benefit products, they could quite easily be mistaken for the genuine article. Both the Hoola and the Powder Pop powders had a very thick, chalky consistency. The brush handles for both were plastic, as opposed to wooden, and the bristles were hard, poor quality, quite short and quite obviously synthetic. I did have a Dallas to compare with the small Dallas which was included in the Powder Pop pallate and there was a stark difference in colour. The genuine product was far more shimmery rathery than glittery and the fake was more of a redish colour.

The Bad Gal Lash mascara was awful. One of the reasons it appeals to me so much is because of the thick, round wand. The wand was oddly shaped and plastic and was hard to fit back into the bottle. The mascara was thick, gloopy and almost stringy. When I contacted the seller of the mascara they denied it being counterfeit but offered me a discount if I sent the item back, but I didn't think it would be worthwhile considering the price.

I didn't take any photos of the items as I didn't have anything to compare them to, but I searched Google for 'fake benefit hoola' and surprise, surprise, I was inundated with beauty blogs stating the influx of counterfeit Beneft goods on eBay. It's surprising how common they are. I have included a couple of photos that I found on Google just to add awareness and give you some idea of how realistic these fakes are.

                                                                        The genuine article is on the left.

My advice is to stay away from buying Benefit goods on eBay unless you contact the seller and are provided with a photo of the item but even then I would rather pay that little bit extra and get the real mccoy from Debenhams or Boots and even pick up points for it.

I will post the names of the sellers who sent me counterfeit items just to make you all aware and to prevent anyone from buying further counterfeit or replica products from them, and i'll also add a few tips to help you notice the difference between the real stuff and the phonys.

  • Genuine powders are slightly scented. Coralista, for example has a very sweet smell to it. In the case of the Hoola, it smelt of nothing but the Powder Pop pallete had a very unpleasant, sicky smell to it.

  • The sticker on the back of the box should peel off to reveal ingredients.

  • There are often typo's, spelling mistakes and different wording on the packaging. Keep your eyes peeled for this.

  • There should be a batch number undernteah, next to the barcode. Also, the address and posal code are sometimes different on the fakes.

  • The packaging can be quite shoddy and if you compare them to a genuine Benefit product, the packaging is almost perfect.

Beware of the following sellers:  

  • bgrade-stock

  • xpointer

  • paulandsharon2009

Hope this helps clamp down on the gimmicky make-up anyway and! Feel free to add your comments x

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