Photo To Canvas , Canvas Print Buyers Guide

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Photo to Canvas / Canvas Print Buyers Questions.

The following guide will give you all the information you need to be able to purchase a quality canvas print via ebay avoiding the poor quality goods that are often sold at high prices.

The most important thing consumers miss when purchasing Photo to Canvas and Canvas products is the thickness of both the frame and the canvas. Ultimately we are all led by price however with Canvas products cheapest is not always the best. Be wary of anyone offering FREE canvas prints if buying more than one. Ebay is very competitive for this type of product and any body who can sell at the cheapest price and offer FREE items is obviously cutting corners somewhere along the manufacture process.

Make sure you ask the seller these important questions:

1. What thickness of Canvas is being used?
2. Is it 100% Cotton of Poly / Cotton Mix?
3. What is the thickness of the Frame?
4. Is it a fixed frame or stretcher bar?
5. How long is the ink left to dry on the canvas?
6. Ask what printer and Inks are used to print on the Canvas.

We have found over the years that you need to use a canvas of at least 320gsm thickness, this is a durable thickness that can be well stretched and will last a long time. Poly / Cotton mix is a cheaper alternative to 100% cotton and does not last as long. Ideally find a seller who will make your canvas using 100% cotton of at least 320gsm. What is the point of using a performance ink on a canvas that will not last the time!

Many sellers on ebay only use 18mm thick frames whilst sufficient for the job they are not very strong and can warp over time. Look for sellers using a minimum 30mm stretcher bar, this is different to the frame in the fact that over a period of time the canvas will become loose, if your frame is made with stretcher bars you can use wedges to stretch the frame making the canvas tight again. With fixed frames this is not possible and the canvas will have to be removed and restretched, usually damaging the canvas in the process.

Watch out for same day despatch, experience has shown us that the ink should be left to dry for approx 24 hours to enable the canvas to fully absorb it and dry. If stretched when wet cracking can appear on the corners which will ruin the look of the print.

Ask what inks and printer are used, most professionals will use either Canon or Epson as the inks used on these machines are specialist with a fade resisitance of at least 75 years. These printers are very expensive and you will very quickly find out that only the top sellers have invested in this equipment. There are lots of sellers "playing" at printing and we have seen many canvas prints of poor quality and colour fastness due to the hardware not being up to the job.

Look for the detailing on the corners, all corners should be neatly folded and stapled and all fold the same way as the image. The rear of the canvas should be taped to seal the canvas to the frame and usually it will come ready to hang with a dentate hanger or picture cord attached.

We hope you have found this guide interesting and we are sure that if your seller can answer positively to most of the above questions you will be sure to receive a canvas print fit for any room. However remember Cheapest is not necessarily the best!! Detailed pictures are below for guidance.


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