Photography Fraud

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I have decided to write this guide after seeing one photo, a user ID on it, copyed through more than 10 listings.

!!This is illigal as it is stealing!! Most of the time it is just a simple copy and paste, sometimes the photo is slightly altered.

To Stop this, when you see photos that are very similar on different listings, check to see if there is someone else's user ID on it. If so, report it to Ebay.

You can 'stamp' your name onto your photos to help stop this, but make it difficult to photoshop out.

This will help stop this as people are taking their own photos, using time and effort, and someone just copies it with a few clicks. If you need someone else's photo then just ask! They probably will let you if you ask politley, but if they say no then don't bug them or offer to pay! 

Thanks, I hope you found this helpful


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