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Want to create something professional? Bored with standard colour photography? There's so much you can do to make your images stand out before letting them go to canvas print. There's also many styles and effects that can be added during the printing process, but first here's a few things you can do to improve your photograph before it goes to print...

1. Learn a bit about photography - it doesn't have to take very long and could make a big difference to the quality of the photo you take. Learn about light and dark, contrast, resolutions, anything that can help you when you're out and about, camera in hand. Remember practice makes perfect so try taking pictures in all conditions to see what works best to create the look you are after. If you think you'd like to take photography up as a hobby there is a huge amount of information available on the web, in magazines, and local groups.

2. Think about props - Props can really add interest to a photograph, if chosen wisely. If not they can disstract from the main subject amd confuse the viewer. Props should have a meaning, a purpose, to aid the feel of the image without distracting from it.

3. Consider the colour of your props - Weigh up the colour of your props against the colour of your subject. For example, if you have a person dressed in muted colours don't use brightly coloured props as you will make the subject appear drab and boring, and distract attention from them. If your prop is simply something for your subject to lean or sit on, change the colour by draping a length of fabric over it.

4. The importance of positioning - Consider the positioning of your prop, you may wish to use the rule of thirds as per our previous article...

5. Think about proportions - Make sure your prop doesn't throw your image out of proportion against the subject or backdrop. Your prop may look ok with the naked eye but be sure to get behind the lens and reassess before hitting the button.

Part Two to follow soon...

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