Picture Only Scam

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A picture may be worth a thousand words, but is it worth a thousand dollars?

  • This scam is fairly easy to explain and though it may sound like it's too stupid to work, it unfortunately still catches the random ebay victim off guard.
  • Basically the scam takes place as follows:
  • The scammer takes a beautiful picture of an often expensive item, such as a computer, TV, DVD, etc.
  • The scammer then compiles a list of all the wonderful features the item comes equipped with, arranging them into a rather deceptive item desciption.
  • The scammer then puts their beautiful picture along with the description of the item on a nicely layed out auction listing.
  • The scammer then slips in a statement like "you are bidding on the picture only, not the actual item!" somewhere in the auction listing (usually in a very small, hard to notice font).

The interested buyer doesn't see the "picture only" statement, thinks he's bidding on the actual product (computer, TV, DVD, etc.), then places a bid, and pays for the auction.

A little while later he receives the picture in the mail instead of any actual product.
The only way you can avoid becoming a victim of this scam is through common sense.
Always make sure to read every important detail about the item (especially the small print) before bidding.

You wouldn't run into a store as fast as you can, grab an item without knowing exactly what it is, and then pay for it without any careful examination would you?
Then why would you rush into an auction listing and bid before you've read the whole description?

Avoid quick impulse buys, an you'll easily be safe from this type of scam.

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