Picture Theft! Watermarking.

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As of this week all of my pictures within my listings will be watermarked as i am sick & tired of searching for stuff & then seeing my own picture & sometimes text too in someone elses listing!!
Its very annoying because its my time sorting out a decent picture, typing out a listing, then someone else comes along & thinks ''Cor thats a good picture I'll copy that into my own folder & use it in my listing!!'' And ''Wow thats a good listing i shall copy that word for word in my listing!!''
Well not only is not fair on the person you steal it off but its against Ebay policy, & everytime i see it i report it.
So now i have a programme where i can watermark every single picture, so if you try to copy it you will not be able to remove the watermark as its there for life.
Also if you want i can watermark any picture for you too (for free!), just email me!
Example of watermark - its just there in the centre.

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