Pictures and photographs to sell your items

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Take time over getting those pictures and photos right - here are some DOs and DON'Ts

  • Do utilise the help of a professional if possible / affordable especially for very high value items like houses, vehicles, precious jewellery and yachts 
  • Do use the brightest lighting - natural daylight or those " daylight " hobby lamps when you are taking photos indoors.
  • Do use images already available if they accurately portray your items, just make sure they are suitable for your personal use and not under copyright or "watermarked".
  • Do add as many photos you think may be useful to your potential buyer
  • Do use props like coins or a ruler to show size if an item is very small
  • Do use the highest mega pixels allowed  
  • Do use your original photos where possible, especially for one of a kind items
  • Do use macro settings to show any fine detail like hallmarks, embroidery and other textures
  • Do experiment with different backgrounds light or dark, glossy or matt
  • Do go back and review the photos on your listings and update when necessary
  • Don't have flooring as background unless it for demonstrating floor cleaning items
  • Don't place items such as cosmetics on the floor, it is hygiene issue and may put buyers off
  • Don't use flash unless it enhances the image try and use daylight when available.
  • Don't use out of focus or sideways images that is just plain sloppy
  • That's all folks. Happy selling.



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