Pirates Of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides

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So,being a huge film fan i thought i would start writing reviews of all the many films i watch.I am a subscriber to Love Film and watch pretty much every genre out there.I am also prone to forgetting films after a week so this needs to be done as soon as i watch a film.Today,its about Pirates Of The Caribbean - On Stranger Tides.I have watched all of them and i like to give films a fair fighting chance but this one really has failed.The story line was slow and i had to force myself awake halfway through.Johnny Depp didn't bring anything new to the character Jack Sparrow,however full marks go to Penelope Cruz who played her role well,adding some much needed sparkle to the film.I wont ruin the story too much but if you would like to see this i suggest you rent it rather than buy it,or better yet,borrow a copy from a friend.

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