Pitfalls With 90 Day Worldwide Protection Insurance

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Remember the television advertisement where Rowan Atkinson plays the part of a foolish man who burns the carpet he'd just bought?  The gist of the advertisement was that if he had paid with a credit card instead of cash the carpet would have been insured for 90 days.  Well a carpet might be but a lot of items (especially items attractive to thieves) ARE NOT INSURED. Take the boat trailer that I bought on eBay. PayPal funded by a Visa card was used so one might assume that the trailer was insured against theft for at least a month.  Sure enough the Cornish diddycoys stole it within three days. Two high security padlocks and a wheelclamp didn't stop them, probably a crane equipped lorry was used. I tried to claim from Visa and at first the call centre lady said that my goods were actually insured for A HUNDRED DAYS.  She connected me to a higher-up.  "Trailer? Oh that's a motor vehicle accessory" he said "that's not covered, read your booklet".  Well I'd never had a booklet but when it arrived it became clear that the so-called "insurance" wasn't worth the paper it was written on.  Exclusions (from memory) included:- Aircraft, Boats, Motor Vehicles, Their Engines and Accessories.  Tickets and Money.  Food, Drink, Perishables.  Work done by tradesmen. 

It appeared to me that every time A&Ls credit card business had changed hands, card benefits had been whittled away.  Incidentally the Financial Services Ombudsman said I should have read the booklet - the one I never had!  Great country innit?  Incidentally I spotted the trailer recently so hopefully someone will be getting some porridge (or will it just be a couple of hours picking litter?)

A completely different case involved CCTV cable. 200 metres ordered but only 100 metres sent. Paid with PayPal funded by Visa.  PayPal stated "only delivery of the goods is covered, not the attributes of the goods".  What? so its OK to charge for 200 and send 100? aw c'mon.  Visa were equally unhelpful but Trading Standards advised returning the goods for a full refund - but one could then end up with no cable at all!  Great country innit?  Vive la France, they wouldn't put up with such nonsense.

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