Planning a Childs Party.

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Children's Birthday Party Planning

   The success of a childs birthday party is determined by how much fun the children have and also by how much fun YOU get out of it. If from beginning the day is a nightmare then you nor your guests will enjoy it.

So What do you have to do to make it a stress free sucess?....

The key rule is to plan (well at least write a list) by doing so you party will run smoothly.

REMEMBER the more you plan the better the party.

Choose the party theme.

  The first step you need to take when planning a childs birthday party is to find out what theme the special child would like for their special day. It is your child’s Birthday party and that cartoon character they have been mad about for the last 6 months may no longer be their favourite, so do ask your child, and get them involved in the planning.
  The theme can determine not only the decorations but also the food and party games.

Kepping the buget low.

  Children's birthday parties can be expensive, but you can easily keep the cost down by doing as much as you can yourself.

* Prepare all the food

* Have it at home or in the garden.

* Use home made cakes or biscuits as gifts.

Once you have an idea on your buget and what kind of theme you want you are ready to choose....

The Venue.

  Where to hold the birthday party? Indoors or out. If you have the space, outdoors is easier as there is less likelihood of anything getting broken, and there are more activities that you can organise. Not only that, you can also leave the children to play on their own if you need to. If you are planning to hold it outdoors, make sure you have a fall back plan just in case the weather turns nasty.


* Is it safe and secure?

* How far is it, and will you be able to transport everything you need for your child's birthday party easily?


* Is there enough room?

* Are some rooms to be out of bounds?

* Do you need to remove any fragile items?

Decide how many guests.

   An old rule is to invite one guest for each year. Of course 1st birthday party celebrations are the exception, with many of the guests being family members. But it does make sense not to have an overwhelming amount of kids for a toddler party. For older children, consider having the party out of the home. There will be lots more room and you won't have to worry about the clean-up at home!

The duration and time.

  It is best to have a children's party that is not too long. That way you don't have to worry about cranky, over excited kids. A good idea is to keep a child's party to a 2 hour limit. For kids under 5 you might want to shorten the time. Be sure to include the beginning and ending time on the invitation!
  The most popular time to hold a birthday party is around 3.00 – 3.30pm That way the party will be over by about 5.30pm and you can get on with the clearing up.


  It is best to send out invitations 2 weeks in advance. You should also follow up with a phone call 4 days before the party to contact those you have not heard from.

Party Games, Activities and Party Favors

  Keep it simple and plan for more than you need! Your activities can match the party theme. Make a crown for a Barbie party, an animal mask for a jungle party theme ect.....
  Also, when putting together the party bags - be sure to have extras! Someone may bring an extra guest. (one good way to handle goodie bags is to pass them out as each guest leaves!)


  Planning activities for a kid's party doesn't have to be elaborate. Just have a few, simple games in mind. If the kids are enjoying what they are doing, don't feel the need to rush them on to the next party game. Take your cue from the children and enjoy!

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