Planning permission for garden buildings and log cabins

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Planning Permission For Garden Buildings and Log Cabins

These type of buildings are classified as “Permitted Development” and usually should not require Planning Permission.

As a general guideline, buildings under 30 square metres do not require planning permission as long as the following criteria is followed:

1) Under 20 square metres, the building must be sited at least 5m away from the main property and not between the property and the main highway.

2) The size of the building must not exceed 50% of the size of the land surrounding the property.

3) The building must not exceed a height of 4m.

4) When the building is between 20-30 square metres there must be a space of at least 1m all round to any adjoining property or boundary – we recommend a space of at least 1m from any boundary or obstruction in order to aid assembly.

However, local conditions may prevail and it is always best to contact your Local Planning Office for clarification. There may be restrictions and covenants, such as proximity to boundaries or other buildings, or you may live in a conservation area, and a short phone call to your Local Planning Office will bring peace of mind.

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