Plant Pre sales on Ebay

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Pre Sale of Plants

A pre sale of plants is when the plants are advertised for sale in advance of the proposed posting time. Mail order companies have worked this way for years advertising their spring stock in autumn etc. On Ebay we are allowed to list a presale 30 days in advance of the posting date. In most cases this target can be met, however there is the occasional time when a plant fails due to weather, pest damage etc..  .  When this does happen we notify any buyers and complete a full refund.

We grow a number of plants on the nursery from our own material (seed, cuttings etc). We also import and source plants and material from reliable suppliers throughout the UK and from within Europe. Many plants are grown under strict license(plant breeders rights) and in these cases a royalty is paid to the breeder for every plant purchased. All royalties are included in our retail price. In most cases a coloured label will accompany the plant which is supplied as part of the royalty payment. The plants concerned are ordered by ourselves months in advance with an expected delivery date supplied. We then depend on our supplier to deliver so that we can then in turn deliver to our customers. 

This whole process allows ourselves as a small nursery to obtain and deliver the plants when they are at their best. No plants on our nursery are kept or grown under artificially heated conditions. All are hardened off instantly and in all cases the plants become much stronger and resiliant to pests, weather etc.  Any plants which are not of saleable condition will not be posted. We will either offer a full refund or a revised posting date.

We are also happy to take orders and supply to customers to suit their own needs whether it be sent as a gift or kept at the nursery until suitable for delivery.

Graeme Bryson

Dunmore Perennials

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